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B2: A remarkable gaze into the future of techno

  • Sergio Niño
  • 18 March 2024
B2: A remarkable gaze into the future of techno

B2’s breakthrough as an artist in the techno scene has been remarkable. Delving deeper into the key moments or decisions believed to have contributed most to his rise, B2 reflects,

“Like many others, I started my career as a local DJ without really thinking about becoming an international artist.”

However, a pivotal decision to explore harder sounds led to his departure from the local DJ scene, eventually propelling them into the international spotlight. B2 humorously recalls,

“Back then, everything above 135 BPM was already hard. That was a decision that led me to leave the local DJ scene in the medium term as I was considered too hard, but in the long term, it seems to have brought me a lot (laugh).”

The release of the track “Ghetto Patron,” played by I Hate Models during a set published on YouTube, marked a turning point, garnering attention and inquiries about potential EP releases. B2 reflects on this moment, stating,

“I noticed a significant increase in attention. I then received multiple enquiries about potential first EP releases.”

Subsequent releases like the EP “Hymnen an die Nacht” on COUP further solidified B2’s popularity as an artist, with endorsements from prominent figures in the techno scene propelling them to newfound heights. B2 expresses his gratitude, saying,

“Big artists highlighted the track on various platforms and suddenly wanted promos from me, and I’m talking about almost all S-tier Artists. I constantly strive to explore and produce various genres, as it immensely helps me release consistently interesting material. I’ve always made a point not to confine myself to a single category. Even with my first EP (Hymnen an die Nacht), I included tracks with a dark aura, but also melancholic or even groovy ones".

"To this day, I’m a fan of producing variations. This approach has been consistent throughout my career. I’ve released techno tracks (many now call them groove) that have been well received, such as “Fast Life” (on Parallx’s label ISARN) or “Yeah Boy” (Twice Infinity). But modern hard techno tracks also do very well in the scene, like the new 9x9 EP”.

Regarding his latest vinyl release with 999999999, it was highly anticipated and a result of nearly two years of work, reflecting a blend of modern techno and techno from past eras. B2 shares his approach to crafting tracks for vinyl, stating,

“I tried to release an EP that people will look back on in 15 years and say, ‘What a great record,’ almost like timeless music ”.

Hosting event series like Monark and Die Rakette is a significant endeavor for B2, driven by a desire to establish respected platforms for techno in his city. B2 explains,

“To be honest, I just wanted to give the city I come from an established and respected platform for techno.The goal is to create an event where people come for the community and not for the lineup. However, my city sometimes lags a little behind, not only in terms of club culture but also politi- cally. The Rakete, for example, is never allowed to be open past 5 o’clock on Fridays, which naturally poses a challenge for the event because the lineup has to be more compressed. Fewer DJ slots, with longer playtime - or viceversa?".

"I opted for the former and it was a complete success. The first two events were completely sold out. Standing on the floor and seeing how well attended my event was in the club where I started listening to techno was something I’ll remember forever. My All Night Long was also an absolute success. I try to create something special for every event, for example at Kalte Liebe we put an extra stage in front of the DJ booth for the performance, which has never been done before in the club”.

Looking ahead, B2 is excited about participating in upcoming festivals like Soenda, Tegendraads, and Free your Mind Festival & Verknipt Croatia. B2 shares his anticipation,stating,

“The events differ from the otherwise dark clubs in the vibe alone, as you can definitely play more variations. On overseas tours I usually stay around 10 days to get to know the culture better. Of course, even as an up-and-coming artist it is relevant to observe trends internationally, but the current challenge is to strike a balance between your own signature style and a trend. That’s the challenge I and many other artists are facing at the moment. I then let the results speak for themselves on stage when I perform, this approach never disappointed anyone so far”.

Reflecting on the current state of the techno scene, B2 acknowledges the trend towards harder, faster techno post-COVID, while expressing a preference for melodic hard techno and techno from the 2000s era. B2 notes,

“The melodic elements have significantly diminished over time simply because they weren’t received as well as they were before COVID. We don’t need to beat around the bush here; the trend of the post-COVID era is characterized by very hard, fast techno. We’re witnessing an upward spiral almost solely in terms of its hardness. I’m not really a fan of it; those who have been following me for years know that I’ve always been more inclined towards melodic hard techno and techno from the 2000s era."

"Music is an ever-changing medium of society, so modern hard techno certainly has its place. We musicians have also become somewhat like service providers. Individuality is much less present than before COVID. The commercia- lization is undeniable. Even though not anypublicly admit it, I know that 90% of the artists in my field see it similarly. Hypothetical question: If you went onto the dance floor and closed your eyes for 8 hours, would you be able to tell which DJ was playing?"

"I’m also concerned about the DJ fees, which have skyrocketed. Small collectives simply can’t afford the headliners anymore, making it harder to survive. The market is oversaturated as well. Additionally, it’s somewhat tough to see how various major players in this market operate in terms of lineups and exclusivity. We all started partying in small clubs; we shouldn’t forget to think about them. Because without those initial structures in small towns or clubs, we and even big money wouldn’t have gotten to where we are now. However, there’s currently a trend towards groove and bounce techno, which I generally like. It’s a contrast to what has been heard everywhere lately”.

Crafting techno rhythms that ignite the dance floor is an art form for B2, who prioritizes energy and composition in his creative process.B2 explains,

“I start with the drums first, not even thinking about where the track should go. I always let myself be carried by the flow and see where the path takes me.”

Along his journey as an artist, B2 has encountered various challenges, from breaking into the international scene to adapting to different cultural contexts. B2 reflects,

“I think the biggest obstacle was getting into the international scene and understanding that different countries have different interests in music. As mentioned before, music is always a result of historical (including musical) circumstances. Learning this was important to broaden one’s musical and personal horizons."

"A gig in Germany has a different mood and set structure than a gig in the Netherlands. In addition, one’s own signature must be recognizable in the set, which poses another challenge. However, I manage that quite well by now. It’s important to me to simply stay true to myself, which isn’t always easy”. To maintain a high level of creativity and innovation, B2 constantly explores various genres and production techniques. B2 emphasizes, “I’ve always made a point not to confine myself to a single category.”

By releasing material that reflects his diverse interests, B2 ensures that his music remains fresh and exciting for Listeners.

From the gritty underground scenes of his hometown to the international stages he now commands, B2’s story is a symphony of determination and creativity. Each track he spins, each beat he crafts, is a testament to his commitment to pushing the boundaries of sound.

“There are many artists from different eras that have influenced me. From the early 2000s and late 90s, I would mention Stigmata, Andreas Kraemer/Westwood Bros, Ryuji Takeuchi and Dave the Drummer (and the entire Hydraulix series). Modern influences when I started listening to and loving techno were, for example, Dax J, R- Label, I Hate Models & 9x9."

I believe that my music is a result of all these influences, creating a unique sound aesthetic of its own. I often hear that people can immediately recognize when it’s one of my tracks, which of course, is an honor. I’ll stick to it!”

But B2’s influence extends far beyond his music. He’s a conductor of experiences, orchestrating events that transcend mere gatherings and become immersive journeys through the pulsating heart of techno culture. Through his platform-building efforts, B2 has created havens where techno aficionados can lose themselves in the rhythm and discover the next wave of innovators within the industry.

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