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EXIT Festival reveals long-awaited line-up of the Dance Arena for 2024

Carl Cox, Black Coffee, Bonobo, Maceo Plex, I Hate Models, Carlita, Patrick Mason and more will travel to EXIT Festival in July for unique performances on the spectacular stage of the mts Dance Arena.

  • 25 June 2024
EXIT Festival reveals long-awaited line-up of the Dance Arena for 2024

The mts Dance Arena at EXIT has long been revered as the ultimate sanctuary of electronic music and the premier dance stage globally. Nestled within the colossal trenches of the Petrovaradin Fortress, it remains an essential pilgrimage for electronic music enthusiasts, not just in Serbia but all around the world. Heavyweights like Black Coffee, Carl Cox, Maceo Plex, Sama’ Abdulhadi, Klangkuenstler, Carlita, I Hate Models, and Patrick Mason, among other global titans, are set to electrify the unique mts Dance Arena with an innovative and breathtaking lineup and production that raises the bar year after year. And that’s not all, as Friday’s special surprise lineup is yet to be revealed!

A crucial part of any electronic music enthusiast’s journey within the Fortress's walls is the iconic NSNS Refreshed by Heineken Silver stage, which has been delivering an alternative electronic sound to fans for years. Sara Landry, Oguz, Yotto, Estella Boersma, Francis Mercier, Helena Hauff, and many others will bring their unique energies to the sleepless trench from July 11 to 14. Whether you’re into techno, house, or tech-house, EXIT has a lineup ready to satisfy every musical palate.

"We are proud to present one of our best electronic music editions so far. Every year, we elevate both the line up and production to a higher level, so we are justifying the reputation of being the leading dance floor in the world," said the founder and director of the EXIT festival, Dušan Kovačević.

On the festival's opening night, Thursday, July 11, the famous mts Dance Arena, a haven for all electronic music lovers, welcomes the most celebrated DJ of all time, hailed as a symbol of the profession itself – Carl Cox. Joining him are Berlin's DJ star and producer Klangkuenstler, pioneer of the Palestinian electronic scene Sama’ Abdulhadi, Franky Wah, and Mene!

Saturday Night Fever will come to the audience through the hypnotic sounds of Maceo Plex, a techno-inspired musical genius. His ability to blend elements of deep house with intense techno rhythms makes his sets a unique and irreplaceable experience every time. That same evening, the DJ booth will also host the star of a new generation of techno, the embodiment of disco inferno I Hate Models, who has performed in stadiums in front of 30,000 people, previously reserved only for the most prominent bands. The bass-filled trench will also welcome the incredibly eccentric techno and house wizard Patrick Mason, our rising DJ star Lanna, the futuristic fairy of the electronic scene Desna, and the energetic Katalina with her cross-genre set.

On the final night, the legendary electronic stage will be graced by Grammy-awarded global house icon Black Coffee, a DJ and producer who has become one of the most sought-after names on the electronic scene after selling out Madison Square Garden in New York last October. Sunday at the mts Dance Arena will also feature the legendary Bonobo with his unique sonic fusion, then Barry Can’t Swim will paint a dynamic musical landscape with his nearly perfect harmonic bass lines, while the multi-instrumentalist Carlita will bring dance rhythms from the heart of the Middle East. The world’s most exceptional DJ booth will also play host to the leading DJ in the world music genre, Mose, known for his multicultural sound, and the well-known Belgrade duo INNĒR SENSE.

Yet, the excitement doesn't end there. If you dive deeper into the sonic landscape of the Petrovaradin Fortress, pulsating with diverse genres and styles, you’ll arrive at the NSNS Refreshed by Heineken Silver stage, a must-visit spot on the map of any seasoned raver.

Descending into the sleepless trench comes the dynamic and innovative Sara Landry, a sonic sorceress whose sets are like the most thrilling journeys, alongside Yotto, a young and talented producer whose music captures the hearts of progressive house lovers worldwide. A memorable and magnetic set that leaves the audience in awe will be delivered by DJ Oguz, followed by Estella Boersma, a unique artist who blends elements of house, techno, and indie electronica to create a distinctive sound. Her melodic vocals and hypnotizing beats draw the audience into her world of musical expression and passion. Up next is Francis Mercier, whose sets are characterized by an eclectic mix of Afro-house, tech house, and tribal rhythms. His energy behind the DJ booth inevitably lifts the atmosphere, compelling the audience to surrender to the dance and rhythm throughout the performance. Helena Hauff, a techno maestra whose sets are known for their raw, hypnotic atmosphere, making her one of the most exciting names on the electronic scene, will also take to the decks.

Over four days, the festival will offer an intimate and unforgettable open-air experience at the NSNS Refreshed by Heineken Silver stage, featuring Airrica, Aname b2b BLR, Awen, Cassie Raptor, Djeff b2b Fiona Kraft, Filip Xavi, Henry Saiz, Hobin Rude, Kobosil, Layzie, Maroon, Oguz, Sona, Supergloss, and Yelisaveta.

Known far and wide as the festival's favorite small stage, Urban Bug once again brings a stellar lineup guaranteed to warm up the audience. This year's program includes dozens of artists, some bringing exclusive b2b sets, such as 2 Much b2b Vein, Hudi b2b Aljoša, Layzie b2b Techa, Migazz b2b Kornwall, Milenko b2b Arnee, Miozz b2b Stefan Jović, Neshud b2b Irkah, Neutron, Needle b2b Hori, Novak, Rade Bađin b2b Poliformat, Runy b2b Mande, S.A.B.R.I. b2b Rikaya, Stameni b2b Mark Aasgier, Teachr b2b Butterfly.eff, THE b2b Zira, Vladimir Aćić b2b Danilo Vladušić, Vladimir Tuckakov b2b Bokun, Wise D and Kobe, and Woodie b2b Danijel Kević.

The next edition of the EXIT Festival, carrying an EXIT Starseeds theme and the slogan “Awakening Our Superpowers Together,“ will take place from July 10 to 14, 2024, at the Petrovaradin Fortress. A special Starseeds Takeover performance on the Tesla Universe stage is reserved for day zero. Four-day tickets are available on the festival’s official website.

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