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French house luminary Folamour unveils poignant new single "pressure makes diamond"

Celebrating a decade of Folamour in 2024, the FHUO Records frontman’s latest work is a nod to the pressure and expectancy-filled early days of his career.

  • 27 June 2024
French house luminary Folamour unveils poignant new single "pressure makes diamond"

Following the highly acclaimed release of his “Manifesto” album in 2023, French electronic visionary Folamour returns with his first original production of 2024. Set for release on 26th June, “Pressure Makes Diamonds” is another slice of Folamour’s unique fusion of House, Funk and Disco flavours, infused with endless layers of intricate melody and all-absorbing, atmospheric soundscapes - brought together by a masterful introduction of Folamour’s spoken vocals.

Highlighting Folamour’s seemingly limitless depth of creativity and sonic storytelling, “Pressure Makes Diamonds” also serves as a redolent acknowledgement of the early days of his now decade-strong career. Remembering the formative heaviness, he felt in the early 2010s, which helped to shape him into the person he is today, his latest single radiates feelings of passion and lyrics that speak of perfection - elements Folamour has built into his everyday life as an artist that has led him to worldwide recognition and beloved appreciation from industry peers and fans alike.

Inspired by a diverse and accomplished musical background, boasting proficiency in many instruments, including drums, bass, guitar, and percussion, revered French tastemaker Folamour’s career has already featured many notable accolades. From showcasing his versatility across a range of musical projects from pop to jazz to collaborating with Lyon’s National Orchestra, there’s no denying the true potential of his artistry, as displayed consistently throughout the last decade. Often penning deep-seated emotions and raw, poetic romanticism heavily within his work, Folamour’s advocacy for peace, love and unity through musical connection holds him in the hearts and minds of dance music fans globally.

His masterfully orchestrated tracks have garnered acclaim from labels such as All City, Classic, Church, Glitterbox, and his highly regarded FHUO Records. Drawing inspiration from classic house, funk, and disco artists, Folamour adds his distinctive flair to create an immersive musical experience. In 2023, he released his album “Manifesto,” inspiring another opportunity for listeners to embark on a resonant voyage of introspective pondering and self-discovery after 2021’s “The Journey”, “Original Drugs” in 2019 and his 2017 release “Umami.”

With “Pressure Makes Diamonds”, Folamour continues to stake his claim as one of electronic music’s most unique and boundless expressive talents, committed to fostering connections with an ever-growing audience through resonant messaging and inclusive relativity.

The release features a series of singles that each focus on a special city for the producer. Each one has a unique story of its own, with Folamour starting with his beloved hometown of Lyon.

"Pressure Makes Diamonds" available on All Night Long:

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