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Go hard or go hardcore

Rebekah paves the way for the next generation of artists exploring the underground’s hardest edges

  • 14 March 2024
Go hard or go hardcore

Released over 4 separate EP’s, the colossal 20 track VA offers an unfeigned collection of the finest that hard techno has to offer, from 19 artists plus a new collab from Rebekah.

In the realm where the underground's most unyielding boundaries meet, Rebekah introduces ‘GO HARD OR GO HARDCORE’: a movement that pays homage to a 30 year legacy of Hardcore whilst fusing the raw intensity of Hard Techno’s most futuristic sounds.

For over 15 years Rebekah has relentlessly championed the sounds of the underground’s most ferocious elements. As an outlet for releases, events, mixes and exclusive collaborations, GO HARD OR GO HARDCORE embodies Rebekah’s unyielding artistic vision and carves a path for future generations of artists to further delve into Techno’s most unrelenting subgenres.

15th March sees the release of Volume 1 of a mighty 20-track compilation which brings together a mixture of revered names and exciting newcomers from across the Hardcore/Hard Techno spectrum. To celebrate the full release, on 27th April Rebekah is joined by five of the release artists for ‘GO HARD OR GO HARDCORE: BERLIN’, the first in an ongoing series of fiery raves that will visit the hallowed dancefloors of Europe and beyond. Warming up for the main event, Rebekah brings her guests for a four hour takeover of HÖR Berlin on 25th April.

In 2024 Rebekah continues her collaboration with Berlin’s ultimate rave-wear brand, RAVEMORE. With a shared vision of encouraging safer raving, Rebekah and RAVEMORE have already presented two exclusive GO HARD OR GO HARDCORE pieces to the world, and on 26th April Rebekah heads to the brand’s Berlin outlet for a pre-party.

Comprised of 20 tracks released in four parts, Rebekah offers her vision of the future artists and sounds of Techno. All tracks offer a relentlessly faced paced drive and energy. Opening with Whøman’s sinister ‘Can't Stop Won’t Stop’, further contributions come from Sin Project, Stoltenhoff, Skoden and NineTed offer full throttle hardcore bangers, featuring unrelenting percussion, blistering synth work, warping basslines accompanied by a selection of vocal

hooks. AJA and Gemma Furbank take their tracks down a more industrial and experimental route with pulsating synths and rattling percussion. Linear, industrial, and hard hitting in their composition, Krista Bourgeois, Lady Maru and Supercontinuum’s tracks and their intricate rhythms, corrosive basslines.

Vocal samples are prevalent throughout the VA, tracks from Sopik, Franky-B and Masicaya are insanely catchy, making them the most upbeat, bouncy hardstyle tracks around, whilst Patrick DSP’s ‘Dark Matter’ is a rich and moody, yet unrelenting and chaotic in pace.Not forgetting a standout brand-new collaboration from Rebekah with Malke for their track ’The

Way’. the pair create an archetypal hard techno structure brimming with dramatic breakdowns, featuring a throbbing stadium-grade bass with erratic synth lines that invade the later stages of the track with a creeping, relentless vigour.

This is a VA that encompasses all that Hardcore is, with a little bit of everything in between. Tracks that have been tried and tested on dancefloors across Europe and are ready to make an addition to any hard DJ’s sets this year.

Go Hard Or Go Hardcore Vol.1 Part 1

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