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JANERET | IT 2024 #04

Crafting unique atmospheres of groove and emotion

  • Susanne Buchner
  • 22 May 2024
JANERET | IT 2024 #04

Janeret, the visionary French DJ and producer has carved out a niche in the electronic music scene with his distinctive blend of energy and emotion. Known for seamlessly weaving ambient textures with deep House grooves, Janeret’s music transcends genres, offering listeners a sonic journey that resonates deep within the soul.


Janeret’s musical journey is a tapestry of diverse influences, rooted in a love for atmospheric soundscapes and dynamic rhythms. Drawing inspiration from the late 90s atmospheric Drum and Bass scene, as well as dub techno and dub/ reggae music, Janeret’s signature style emerged from years of immersing himself in the sounds of Chicago and New York’s deep House scenes.

“I like to move between styles of music,” Janeret explains. “For me, the style of music doesn’t really matter; what I get hooked on is the atmosphere of the track.”

“I think that my music is a combination of different genres. What defines me the most is a mix between ambient and deep house combined with dynamic drums and dub flavour. Everyone who knows me is aware of my passion for pads and atmospheric tracks. I also draw a huge influence from the late 90s D&B, which is a pure blend of this combination. I directly fell in love with that genre. I’m also a big fan of dub techno and dub/reggae music. This signature sound emerged after many years of listening to more 90s deep House music from Chicago and New York, which has recently made a comeback into my sets.”

This fusion of influences is evident in Janeret’s upcoming solo EP on Barcelona-based label ‘Les Enfants’, where listeners can expect a diverse range of sounds, from acid and house to deep house and electro/breakbeat.


Janeret’s upcoming event ‘Janeret Curates’ at Input in Barcelona promises to be a highlight of the electronic music calendar. Building on the success of previous editions, Janeret has curated a lineup that reflects his passion for quality music and unforgettable experiences.

“After having Sonja Moonear last year, I decided to invite a legend of the French scene, D’Julz,” Janeret reveals. “I’m truly pleased to have him for the 31st of March.”

“Input is one of my favourite clubs. Every time I go there, I’m amazed by the sound system; the booth and dancefloor sound incredible. I’ve also become really good friends with the working team, so I feel at home there. When I arrived in Paris in 2010, the Bassculture party at Rex Club, owned by D’Julz, was an event I never missed; he has had a residency there for more than 25 years. I discovered many artists through his party. I’m also a big fan of Bassculture records, and D’Julz, for me, is the pure essence of what a DJ is. That’s why I wanted to invite him—to be able to hear his amazing record collection in that club. Over the years, we became good friends.”


Janeret’s excitement about his forthcoming EP on the esteemed Barcelona-based label ‘Les Enfants’ is palpable. Set to drop around April, this EP holds a special place in Janeret’s heart, as it represents a collaboration with one of his favourite clubs and its eclectic underground music scene.

“Yes, the EP will be out around April. I’m really glad to release something for them; it’s one of my favourite clubs around the world, and I’m good friends with the team, so it came naturally to release some music on their label. The club is very eclectic in the underground music scene, and I wanted to express that as well on my EP. So I explored different styles of my music, from Acid and House on the A side to more Deep House and Electro/Breakbeat on the B side.”


While Janeret’s solo work has garnered critical acclaim, his collaborations offer a glimpse into his collaborative spirit and musical versatility. Teaming up with close friend and fellow artist Miroloja, Janeret’s recent collaboration on his label ‘Joule’ showcases a dynamic fusion of their musical influences.

“Collaborations are integral to the electronic music scene,” Janeret reflects. “It’s all about that strong musical connection.”

“But to be totally honest with you, I’m not too much into collaborations; I have only done a few of them. I need to be close to the artist or have a strong musical connection with them. Miroloja is part of my closest friends, and we have a good musical connection. We collaborated on my label ‘Joule’ a few years ago and recently on their label, ‘Olo Records’. Mostly, we send projects to each other, and then we finalize everything in their studio. For us, it’s the most efficient and creative way to work. I’m really happy about it, and we can’t wait to share it.”


As Janeret continues to push boundaries and explore new musical territories, his recent switch to booking agency ‘Pieces’ signals a new chapter in his career. Embracing change and new opportunities, Janeret is excited about the possibilities that lie ahead.

“I think most artists in the industry have faced this at some point in their careers. It’s just a mix of different paths and visions that artists and bookers can have. I think it’s good to explore and venture into different journeys when you feel it’s the right time. ‘Pieces’ was the one I wanted to be with, and I’m really glad I could join them.”


For Janeret, crafting tracks that evoke strong emotional responses is not just about creating dancefloor anthems; it’s about telling sonic stories that resonate deep within the listener.

“I love to build a track like a story,” Janeret explains. “With the right chords mixed all together, it resonates deep within ourselves.”

“I think that it’s the way of creating tracks. Even as we evolve into the club music scene, my principal focus while creating music is to convey emotion and not just create a banger or something built solely for the dancefloor. I’ve always felt that my music is more for listening than to be played in a club.”


Outside of the studio and the DJ booth, Janeret finds inspiration in the vibrant streets of Barcelona. Balancing studio time with sports activities and socialising with friends, Janeret embraces a balanced lifestyle that fuels his creativity.

“I’m now based in Barcelona for a few months, and it’s been really nice living there. My daily routine includes playing padel, sometimes twice in the morning. It’s good to keep a sports activity besides travelling and partying. Then, it’s studio time for the rest of the day. I’m finding a good balance between side activities and music. I used to produce mainly late at night, even till early morning sometimes. I used to love the feeling of producing at night when everybody is asleep, but now I feel it’s good to have a “normal rhythm” of life. Of course, seeing some friends and getting some tapas is always part of the Barcelona lifestyle. When I’m not playing on the weekend, I like to go out and see some DJ friends playing or discover other artists. I really like to go out and listen to other artists; I feel that it keeps me inspired.”


With a reputation as a “purchase-on-sight artist,” Janeret’s commitment to delivering high-quality music remains unwavering. Taking his time to perfect each track, Janeret’s meticulous approach ensures that every release is a sonic masterpiece.

“I don’t release much music even though I’m making music every day. I like to take my time and listen to the tracks many times to be sure. When I don’t get bored after listening to it 100 times, I usually feel happy to release it. I think most artists have this feeling when you finish a special track; you know directly that it’s going to be on a record. It turns out that for me, the tracks that are the most spontaneous and “fast” to create worked the best. For creativity, when I get “tired” of “club music,” I like to produce different styles like Hip-Hop, Reggae/Dub, Jungle, and experimental/ambient music. I recommend it to refresh your brain, and for me, it helps me to change the workflow and explore different things while producing. Then when I get back to House music, I have fresh ideas to use and new skills.”


As Janeret looks ahead to the future, he’s excited about his upcoming projects on his second label ‘Omike’. Like the visionary he is, his label will be pushing boundaries and exploring uncharted territories. It’s not just about releasing tracks; it’s about pioneering new sounds and creating sonic landscapes that captivate audiences and challenge conventions.

“I’m actually working to be more active on my second label called ‘Omike’, which is more House and Breakbeat-oriented, while ‘Joule’ is more for deep stuff. Two EPs are already planned and will come out around spring.”

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