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Multi-disciplinary musician and producer Lauren Mia unveils 2-Track ‘Spectral Reverie’ EP

The release of ‘Spectral Reverie’ follows the delivery of a 10-track remix album of Lauren Mia’s debut album RE:BIRTH

  • 27 June 2024
Multi-disciplinary musician and producer Lauren Mia unveils 2-Track ‘Spectral Reverie’ EP

June 27, 2024 | Continuing her fervent momentum of releasing new music, multi-disciplinary musician and producer Lauren Mia releases her glistening new EP, ‘Spectral Reverie’. The 2-track release consists of a masterfully produced, sensorily stimulating chain of tracks that further Lauren’s ambitious journey as an independent artist.

Released earlier this spring, the essence of the EP’s lead single “Frisson” lies in the meaning of the word - eliciting aesthetic chills and psychogenic shivers by-way of beauty and sound. The B-Side of the EP, “Fervor”, is a multi-dimensional, brooding composition with sharpened club-focused sensibilities. Building tension by way of hypnotic percussion, “Fervor’s” early measures pave the way for an expansive, ethereal melodic chord progression and driving breakdown. Liberated by the freedom to make her own creative choices with the music in which she releases, both tracks comprising ‘Spectral Reverie’ demonstrate Lauren Mia’s musical versatility and proficiencies in production.

"Frisson is that sudden chill, the spark along your skin when awe or beauty strikes deep. It's the goosebumps from a note in music or a scene in a story, where for a moment, you're lifted beyond the everyday into a realm of pure feeling.” - Lauren Mia about “Frisson”


The ‘Spectral Reverie’ EP marks the first delivery of new, original music to follow the release of her late-2023 debut album RE:BIRTH’ - of which in May, Lauren released a 10-track compilation of reimaginations of her original works. The remix album boasted contributions from Alfa Romero, Aalson, Anakim, Binaryh, Clawz SG, Fat Cosmoe, Manti, OIBAF, SKALA, and Zieze – all of whom expertly wove their distinct identities to complement her original works.

These latest releases mark the continuation of Lauren Mia’s journey as an independent artist. Her musical catalog continues to expand, with the multi-talented instrumentalist and producer applying her signature sound to an increasingly diverse range of genres. In 2024 alone, Lauren has already embarked on an international tour, with dates across India, Turkey, shows in Texas, Montreal, and more.

Lauren Mia began her journey with music production in 2016, quickly establishing herself as an up-and-comer to watch in genres such as progressive house and melodic techno. The delivery of her debut album in late 2023 was the culmination of what was already an impressive career. Prior to the album's release, Lauren traveled the world, bringing her divine feminine energy to stages at Tomorrowland, Steelyard, The Brooklyn Mirage/Avant Gardner, CRSSD Day One Festival, Day of the Deadmau5, and countless others in cities worldwide. She has performed alongside top talent in her field, including Adriatique, Mind Against, Kaskade, Fideles, AE:THER, ØOSTIL, ADANA TWINS, Franky Wah, Cristoph, Jeremy Olander, Sainte Vie, TESTPILOT, and more.

Maintaining momentum in the wake of her debut album, Lauren Mia’s trajectory to date exemplifies technical expertise in her craft, as well as a forward-thinking, next-generation approach to production. RE:BIRTH was not only a testament to who Lauren has been but also a manifestation of her unwavering ambition and insight into who she continues to become. As she maintains her fervent momentum as an independent artist, fans can expect this next chapter to further propel Lauren into prominence as a unique force in electronic music.

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