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Italian rising star Rebecca Delle Piane announces debut LP for Symbolism

The resident at Naples' Duel Club and Symbolism, Key Vinyl and Mord artist’s ‘A l’interieur’ LP lands on February 9th on Ben Sims’ legendary imprint

  • Laura Liendo
  • 9 February 2024
Italian rising star Rebecca Delle Piane announces debut LP for Symbolism

Listen to the single ‘’My Type Of Stress’ Now

Twenty-five-year-old Delle Piane’s rise has been swift since her output began in 2018, with her residency at Italy’s most prominent Techno club, Duel, blooming into gigs across Europe for the likes of Tresor, Den Anden Side, E1, Radion, Meat Free and a host of other prime techno destinations. As well as sharing booths with the likes of Sims, James Ruskin, Freddy K, Dave Clarke and Dasha Rush, her music has seen support from a broad cross-section of the scene’s most influential artists.

Following four appearances on Symbolism beginning with 2020’s ‘Lode EP’, Rebecca Delle Piane’s ‘A l’interieur’ LP for the label is an intricate, pacey and uncompromising fourteen-track snapshot of contemporary Techno that veers from twenty-first-century refinement of classic tenets to tense electronica, slow motion punch and occasional soaring melodies. ‘Strange Times', a discordant, chaotic, and pounding opener, sums up Delle Piane’s boldness from the start. Tracks like ‘Nasty (Version 2), the rumbling distorted kick-driven ‘Deva’ and the gloriously cinematic ‘Outro’ contrast the precise dancefloor intensity Delle Piane effortlessly creates and the LP structure, where floor quaking drums give way to a middle section of headier works before the driving heft returns ahead of its emotive crescendo, makes for a powerful complete listen.

Rebecca Delle Piane’s ‘A l’interieur’ releases on Symbolism on February 9th, 2024.

*Release party at Input, Barcelona on February 10th: Rebecca Delle Piane, Ben Sims, Anika Kunst*

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